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TUSK User Guide AY 2018/2019

About TUSK

Tufts University Sciences Knowledgebase (TUSK) is a web-based curriculum database and knowledge management system providing a wide array of tools for communicating, teaching, and learning. Users have access to a full complement of curricular material from the health sciences schools and various interactive features. The TUSK homepage is customized for each user. Students can have their own “My Groups” area to share documents and collaborate with group members.

TUSK is available at and users can generally login with their Universal Tufts Login Name (UTLN) and email password. Announcements, class schedules, discussion boards, flash cards, patient logs and select content can be accessed by most mobile devices. For more information on any of TUSK's features or to request a TUSK training session, please email TUSK support at

What TUSK Provides

  • Syllabus linked to multimedia and lecture slides
  • Slide collections that print like a PowerPoint handout
  • Zoomable images
  • Lecture recordings (audio and video)
  • TUSK Mobile: view announcements; class schedule; discussions, flash cards; patient logs; most course content (Flash unsupported)
  • Document and images can be personally annotated
  • Flash Cards for self-testing on images
  • Interactive cases
  • Links to full-text journal articles
  • Search tools using UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)
  • Course evaluations and quizzes
  • Class schedule with links to curricular content and downloadable to mobile device
  • Discussion groups for student/faculty–access to wikis and blogs coming soon
  • My Groups enables group collaboration using discussion boards, document sharing, and other authoring tools
  • Patient Logs
  • Online grades (course specific)
  • Course, Class-year and School-wide announcements viewable on the TUSK homepage

TUSK Login/Logout

  • Tufts affiliated users login with their Tufts username and password.
  • Affiliated hospital faculty and staff without a Tufts username should email TUSK Support at
  • Click Logout at upper-right corner of page when finished with each TUSK session to prevent access to private information.

Required Programs

  • Recommended browsers:Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and MS Edge.

Flash Cards

The Flash Cards tool allows you to easily test yourself on image slides. Add slides to a “deck” along with options to enter your own questions and answers for self-assessment. When you test yourself, the slide images will be displayed in random order. TUSK on Mobile Devices

TUSK on Mobile Devices

View TUSK at home, school or on the go! TUSK can be accessed via mobile devices cell phones and smart phones with Wi-Fi access. Most course material is available, as long as the content type is supported on your device this includes PDF, Word, HTML, images, and movies. Announcements, flash cards, patient logs and class schedules can also be viewed. (Flash content is currently unsupported.)

Subscribe to Class Schedule/Synching and Downloading Schedule to Mobile Device

Subscribe to a class schedule in TUSK using the desired calendar application on your computer. Calendar will update automatically as the schedule changes. Furthermore, sync the calendar schedule with your mobile device. For more information on subscribing to class schedules go to

Course Evaluations

  • Evaluations in TUSK are anonymous; student names are never identified.
  • Evaluations are posted for a limited time and must be completed before the expiration date.

For instructions on saving/submitting course evaluations, go to

Personal Folders and Notes

  • Create user defined folders to keep course content and personal notes.
  • Add personal notes to select content. (Does not apply to downloadable files, i.e. Word, PDF, movies, etc.)
  • Personal folders and notes are only visible to you only when logged in to TUSK.

For instructions on managing Personal Folders with annotations, go to
For instructions on adding Notes to content, go to


The Case feature is sometimes referred to as the virtual patient. It is an interactive journey beginning at a patients history and chief complaint, through multiple phases, which may include physical exam and differential diagnosis, and ending at diagnosis, treatment and/or SOAP, depending on the authors objectives. This tool allows the student to view questions asked of the patient and their answers, take quizzes, perform diagnostic tests, rank, select, or type in possible diagnoses, etc. Movies and images contained in these cases enhance the experience. Once a Graded or Reviewed case is submitted, it can no longer be accessed by the student. All entries are saved in a report for faculty to view. TUSK immediately emails a receipt to the student confirming completion. Self-Assessment cases can be accessed indefinitely and not graded.

Group Collaboration

The My Groups feature in TUSK allows students a place of their own to upload and share documents, create discussion boards, send group members email and announcements, and use various other TUSK tools to share information and knowledge. If you would like to have a group created for you, please email.


There are three types of online quizzes: (1) Graded quiz - can be taken only once and is graded. (2) Feedback quiz - can be taken only once, is graded, and students receive answers and any feedback provided by instructor upon submission of quiz. (3)Self-assessment quiz - is not graded and can be taken an unlimited number of times for study purposes.

  • Upon submitting a quiz, immediate notification is given at top of page that your quiz has been successfully submitted. Completed quizzes are also listed on their respective course page.
  • Links to available Graded and Feedback quizzes are listed on the TUSK homepage in the Quizzes section and on their course page.
  • Links to Self-Assessment quizzes will only appear on the respective course page.

Important things to keep in mind about TIMED quizzes:

  • Quizzes that are timed display the hours and/or minutes remaining on upper-right corner of quiz page
  • A dialog box opens to alert you when time for taking the quiz has expired. Once your time is up, your only option is to submit the quiz.
  • Despite the calendar due date, the clock starts ticking the second a timed quiz is opened, even while it is saved.
  • Be sure to complete it before clock time expires.


A View Grade link shows on the TUSK homepage if a course grade is posted by your instructor. Grades are completely secure and can only be seen by you when logged in to TUSK. Therefore, be sure to logout of TUSK at the end of each session.


The TUSK Toolkit shows on the left side of all content pages. With its Previous, Up, and Next buttons, it is not only your navigator for viewing course materials, but contains the Keywords, UMLS Concepts, and Objectives of the content. The toolkit can be used to take notes on the current document, lecture slide or collection, save content to your personal folders, and print course materials. Additionally, the Image Zoom feature can be used to view alternative image sizes.

Your Customized TUSK Homepage

Student Homepage Features

  1. TUSK Main Navigation Tabs display:
    • My Dashboard - Your customized TUSK homepage.
    • All Courses - All health sciences schools and courses.
    • Search - TUSK search entry form. Find content through keyword searches. Use MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) and UMLS (Unified Medical Language System) keywords or any other words. Check the Search Help page for a how-to.
    • Competencies - Drop down menu of National Competencies, School Competencies, and a Visualization diagram of competencies.
    • Schedule - Weekly class schedule for the current semester. Click on a class meeting in the weekly schedule to find relevant links to content and learning objectives.
    • Manage Content - Only users with permission to manage a course or who author material in a course will have this tab.
  2. My Profile, TUSK Help, Contact Us, and Logout link to:
    • My Profile- Your user information. Also, enter a preferred email address here to which all email from TUSK will be sent.
    • Help - FAQs and users guides for TUSK features.
    • Contact - Send email to TUSK support staff.
    • Logout - Logout after each session to prevent others from accessing your personal TUSK information.
  3. Communications section contains links to:
    • Announcements - Course and class announcements.
    • All Discussions - Your discussion boards to post and reply on school and course related topics. New and unread posts show under the All Discussions link.
  4. My Materials section contains links to:
    • Assessments - Assessments of you by course faculty (if applicable in your school and/or class year).
    • Assignments - Course assignments that must be submitted.
    • Cases - Course cases (also known as the Virtual Patient) that must be submitted.
    • Course Evaluations - Incomplete course evaluations that must be submitted.
    • Grades - Course and/or quiz grades.
    • Flash Cards - Create custom flash cards for self-assessment.
    • Folders- Personally created folders containing notes and content you organized.
    • Patient Logs - Your clinical experience logs (if applicable in your school and/or class year).
    • Quizzes- Course quizzes that need to be submitted.
  5. Schoolwide announcements - Announcements for your particular school show for a period of time, but can be closed if desired.
  6. School tabs - Display the schools in which you have enrollment in a course.
  7. Courses, Groups, Upload/Edit, and Committees tabs:
    • Courses - Links to your currently enrolled courses.
    • Groups - Links to your collaborative groups.
    • Upload/Edit - Links to courses and committees where you have authoring or managing privileges.
    • Committees - Links to committees in which you are a member.  
  8. Today and To Do tabs:
    • Today -Displays your current day's schedule.
    • To Do - Links to assignments, cases, evals, and quizzes that have a due date.  Exam dates and holidays in your schedule will also appear here.
  9. Links section contains links to:
    • Personal - Your personally created links.
    • School Links - Links to relevant school resources.
  10. Recently Viewed and Popular tabs:
    • Recently Viewed - Links to last ten pieces of content viewed by you.
    • Popular - Links to top ten pieces of content viewed by your class group in the past five days.
  11. Mobile - The Mobile view of TUSK adapted for a cell phone, smart phone, or tablet.
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