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Subscribing to Schedule/Synching

*Please note: The schedule DOWNLOAD feature is no longer available.

Subscribe to a Class Schedule

Subscribe to a class schedule using the desired calendar application on your computer. Calendar will update automatically when changes are made to the schedule. Below are instructions for subscribing to some of the more commonly used calendars and syncing to mobile devices.

Subscribe to Schedule with Google Calendar

  1. Click the Subscribe To This Schedule link on the upper-left side of schedule.
  2. In the Subscribe URL For Other Apps section, copy the “webcal” link in the box.
  3. Go to your Google calendar.
  4. In left sidebar, go to Other Calendars and click on the upside down triangle.
  5. Select Add by URL from dropdown menu.
  6. Paste URL (ctrl-V) into the pop-up box.
  7. Click on the Add Calendar button.
  8. At the top of the calendar page, a message should appear letting you know that calendar events were imported successfully.

Google calendar will be updated automatically when there is a schedule change.

Subscribing with Microsoft Outlook Calendar - Current Users

  1. Click on the Subscribe To This Schedule link on the upper-left side of schedule page.
  2. Click the In Your Default Application link.
  3. Launch Application window opens. Double click on Microsoft Outlook.
  4. Add thisInternet Calendar to Outlook and describe to updates? pop up box appears.
  5. Click the Yes button. This will import all class meetings to your calendar.
  6. To enter Outlook calendar after its been closed, click Microsoft Office Outlook from your Program files or desktop icon.
  7. When program opens, click Calendar link in left side bar to view calendar page.
  8. If you have more than one calendar, click on the appropriate calendar tab to view.

Subscribing with Microsoft Calendar - New Users

If Microsoft Outlook is not currently setup on your computer, follow these directions:

  1. Click on Subscribe To This Schedule link on the upper-left side of schedule page.
  2. Outlook Startup pop-up window appears: Click Next button.
  3. E-mail Accounts pop-up window appears: Select No to configuring an E-mail account; then click Next button. (or click Yes to configure E-mail account.)
  4. Cancel Configuration pop-up window appears: Check Continue with no e-mail support box. Click Finish button.
  5. Microsoft Office Outlook pop-up window appears: Click No button to decline to making Outlook your default program for E-mail, Calendar and Contacts. (or click Yes button if you want it to be your default program.)
  6. Microsoft Office Outlook pop-up window appears: Choose Yes to sync your RSS feeds in Outlook with the Common Feed list in Microsoft Windows.
  7. Microsoft Office Outlook pop-up window appears: Click Yes button to add Class Schedule to Outlook and subscribe to updates.
  8. Microsoft Outlook Calendar opens with class schedule data.  Browse through months in left column. Day, Week, and Month tabs are available at top of calendar.
  9. To enter Outlook calendar after its been closed: Click Microsoft Office Outlook from your Program files.
  10. When program opens, click Calendar link on upper left-side of screen to view calendar page.

Subscribing with Mac ICal

  1. Click on Subscribe To This Schedule link.
  2. ICal Subscribe to calendar pop-up window appears: Click Subscribe button.
  3. Info window appears: Keep default calendar title in Name box or edit it to your preference.
  4. In Auto-refresh drop-down menu, selecting Every day is recommended.
  5. Click OK button.
  6. If you have multiple calendars, deselect calendars you do not wish to view on the upper-right corner of the screen. (Select these calendars later when needed.)

Subscribing with 30 Boxes Calendar

  1. Click the Subscribe To This Schedule link in the left side bar of schedule page.
  2. The Launch Application pop-up window appears: Select 30 Boxes.
  3. Click OK button.
  4. 30 Boxes calendar will load immediately with class schedule.

Syncing Calendar Schedules with Mobile Devices

Syncing Outlook and iPhone or iPod Calendars

Please follow the link below for instructions:

Syncing Google Calendar with Various Mobile Devices

  1. Login to your Google calendar.
  2. Click on the Sync link at the top right side of the page.
  3. In the Sync with mobile devices section, select your mobile device from the list and follow instructions accordingly.
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